Monday, October 30, 2006

100 th Post in the Blog

This is the 100 th Post on This Blog .. I hope people are enjoying Technical Stuff & Fun .

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Internet Explorer 7

I just downloaded and installed IE7 from microsoft site below..
It is really cool , They include tabbed browsing, integrated RSS, better standards compliance, and advanced security.

Simple is good. A redesigned, streamlined interface gives you more of what you need and less of what you don't. The new look maximizes the area of the screen that displays the webpage.
The Internet Explorer 7 interface

Go get it from
Microsoft Site to Download IE 7

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What are Satellite Assemblies in .NET ?

Satellite assemblies are assembly files (.dll) that contain localized resources for an application. Each satellite assembly file contains the resources for one culture. An application can have many satellite assemblies, depending on how many cultures the application supports.

Web application projects use satellite assemblies to store the translated strings, graphics, and other culture-dependent aspects of an application’s user interface. To create the assemblies themselves, you use the Resource Manager. At run time, the Web application loads the translated strings into the Web form based on the current thread’s CurrentUICulture property

Enabling HTML Elements for Resources
Resources from satellite assemblies are loaded into Web form elements on the server side. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the elements on your Web form have id and runat attributes that make them available from server-side code. By default, ASP.NET server controls have these elements; however, HMTL elements do not.

Use the Request object’s UserLanguages array to detect the user’s culture.

Set the culture and uiCulture attributes of the globalization element in Web.config to create culture-specific Web applications.

The .NET Framework identifies cultures using the language and region codes listed in the “CultureInfo Class” online Help topic.

Set the culture used by the application for formatting dates, currencies, numbers, and determining sort order using the Thread class’s CurrentCulture property.

Use the Thread class’s CurrentUICulture to determine which satellite assembly is used to load localized resources.

Add id and runat attributes to HTML elements to be able to display localized strings from resource files in those elements at run time.

Elements within a resource file are case sensitive and must be uniquely named within the scope of the application, so use a naming convention such as

When creating Web forms that use non-ASCII characters, save the file using the UTF-8 character encoding with a signature. Including the signature allows ASP.NET to automatically detect the file’s encoding.

Running Stored Procedures with ASP.NET

Whenever we start working on any new platform we need some guidelines to perform simple tasks such as executing stored procedures. Stored procedures speedup the execution of database interaction. There are many reasons. Stored procedures are precompiled set of SQL statements to it skips time of Compiling SQL at runtime. Also it runs in process of database so data access is very fast.

Anyways I found this nice article to execute stored procedure from page

Go through this article

3 tier architecture with ASP.NET 2.0

This is a good article for all levels of Programmers.

it Covers

Tutorial 1: Creating a Data Access Layer

Tutorial 2: Creating a Business Logic Layer

Tutorial 3: Master Pages and Site Navigation

Monday, October 09, 2006

Goog Puzzle

Try out this puzzle & try to reach out to Page 8 (minimum), try to reach till page 23.

Hey !! I Solved it ..

Its Given

Very Simple


We know Roman

Reverse Five

Double Six

Seven Times Seven

Planet Neptune eight

Danish 9

10 th Month

I like playing cards

it was Simple

Simple Maths

Colors dont scare me , after all I am a programmer

I know little bit of spanish

the sixteenth President of the United States

seventeen in Latina

its binary eighteen . I am an Electronics Engineer

19 th Element in periodic table..

ojofuffo = nineteen
svdmsx = twenty

thats 21 degree

I got the Series


I am a great man

Digg it !