Sunday, December 23, 2007

Review : Online photo prints order in India

Recently I was researching for online Photo printing services in India.
I used two of it to order prints of my photos in Pune.

First service I used is
& second is

both services are very similar in features.
First you sign up for the service & then upload your photos in photo galleries .
Both service are following features
Upload unlimited photos & share online Albums
Get photos from Picasa web / flicker .
Order prints online
Get prints to shipped in India or US
Pay in Rupees or USD ( Credit card / Pay pal ) - uses WWW.CCAVENUE.COM as payment processor so one can pay using credit card , or any one of the affiliated Indian bank like HDFC / ICICI / Axis .
On account signup get some free prints. @25 prints are free
For shipping in India shipping cost is Rs 25 for Zoom. in & 35 for snap galaxy.
Usually prints get delivered in India in 3/4 days .
US people can send prints to India or Vice-versa.

Both are good services. These services should keep those rates reasonable. We always have two options 1. Get printed from LAB nearby which involves printing cost & effort of carrying softcopies to lab on Pen drive and second option is for online printing which Involves Internet Bandwidth + Printing + Shipping costs. Advantage with online service is convenience. Good rates will give online service providers a edge over Shop & Lab Competitors.

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