Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hide Your IP Address - A Tutorial

Hide Your IP Address - A Tutorial

Whoever you are, anonymity is your right!

With proxy server u can hide your IP on the net. Which means while u r posting on a forum, sending a email, chatting with someone and whatnot, your real IP will not be revealed. Follow the steps to do the same

1. Go to and Copy any IP with high anonymity along with its port number.

2. Open Internet explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections Tab > Lan Settings > Check the box which says "Use a Proxy Server for your LAN......"

3. Paste the IP in the Address field and Port in the Port field

4. OK

5. Apply

6. OK

Now to verify if your proxy server is working or not Go to and check your IP, if you are unble to open any sites, then your proxy server is dead. In that case choose another proxy from

Hope that was useful.

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