Sunday, April 02, 2006

How to remove a dual boot……..

How to remove a dual boot……..

Is your machine now waits for a timeout durring bootup and waiting for you to select one of 2 available boot configurations. Both configs are the same. You only wanted one.. Here’s how to remove one of the configs so the timeout durring bootup will not happen?

1. Go to start, settings, control panel,
Select view all if you cant see everything there...
2. Double click (system)
click (advanced)
3. Go to (startup and recovery)
It should let you choose the default operating system you want to use,
and uncheck the 2 boxes under it as well...
save,close and reboot,it should boot to the one you choose.


Win xp Doal Boot

Rigth click my computer icon>
click properties>
CLICK ADVANCE> and in system start up and recovery click advace?
You can edit your start up option

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