Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chaturshringi Temple , Pune

Today morning I visited Chaturshringi Temple , Pune .

The Chaturshringi Temple is a Hindu temple in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, India. The temple is located on the slope of a hill on Senapati Bapat Road. It is said to have been built during the reign of the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle. The temple is looked after by Chaturshringi Devasthan (Temple) trustees, with full dedication.
Chaturshringi (Chatur means four) is a mountain with four peaks. The Chaturshringi temple is 90 feet high and 125 feet wide and is a symbol of power and faith. One has to climb more than 100 steps to reach the shrine of Goddess Chaturshringi. In the temple premises there are also temples of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesh. This includes eight miniature idols of Ashtavinayaka. These small temples are located on the four separate hillocks.

- Source : Wikipedia

Here are some photos & a video .

Video from steps of temple ..


Main entrance of temple

Ganesh temple - halfway on the steps

 Mata temple

Renovation work in progress ..

View of Pune from top 


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