Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good Story

Once upon a time there were 2 brothers who lived on the 80th floor of a tall building.
On coming home one day they realized, to their dismay, that the lifts were not working and that they would have to climb the stairs home.
After struggling to the 20th level, panting and tired, they decided to abandon their bags and come back for them the next day.

They left their bags then and climbed on . . .

By the time they had struggled to the 40th level, they had gone sufficiently mad and were irritated.

The younger brother started to grumble and both of them began to quarrel.

They continued to climb the flights of steps, quarreling all the way to the 60th floor.

They then realized that they had only 20 levels more to climb and decided to stop quarreling and continue climbing in peace.

They silently climbed on and reached their home at long last! Each stood calmly before the door and waited for the other to open the door.

They then realized that the key was in their bags, which were left on the 20th floor...

This story is a reflection on our life and times.

All of us climb the tall building called career . . . some till the 80th floor and some less.

But do we know that the key to happiness is in the bag, which has been left back on the 20th floor?

Know your dreams and follow it so that you will not live with regrets . . .

If the chariot of your life is driven by the steeds of ambition, make sure the reins of your life are held by the hands of joy.

We are the heroes of our own story . . .

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