Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Visual Basic Interview Questions.

I usually Interview Candidates for Visual Basic and SQL for our company.

The Questions I ask for the Post of Trainee Programmers

1. What is a Key Preview property of a Form ?

2. How we can avoid two simultanious instances of a EXE ?

3. What is the difference between In Process COM & Out of Process COM ?

4. Explain the ADO object model ?

5. How we can Call a stored Procedure from VIsual Basic ?

6. Can we return a table from a function in SQL server & How ?

7. What do you mean by 3/n tire Architecture / How we can Implement using Visual Basic & SQL Server ?

8. What are the different Data Access Technologies that we can USe with Visual Basic ?

9. If we use Ms Access as Database then which technology you will use ADO / DAO / RDO ? Explain Pros & cons of each

10. What is Option Base in Visual Basic ?

11. Is Visual Basic Object Oriented ? if no why ? if yes How ?

12. Can we use Triggers in recursive manner ? Are there any limitations ?

13. Compare Windows Authentication & SQL Role based Authentication for Data Access ?

14. Difference Between Primary Key & Unique Key .

15. What are the Diffferent ways to use Crystal Report from Visual Basic ?

16. Compare Early Binding & Late Binding

17. Explain in which scenario you can use GetObject & when CreateObject methods ?

18. What is the Role of Visual Basic runtime in Execution of VB EXE ?

19. How to deploy a Visual Basic Project ?

20. What is compatibility ?

21. When to use Project Compatibility / Binary Compatibility / No Compatibility ?

22. When .VBR file is created in Visual Basic ?

23. What is essential to design a ActiveX control that can be placed on MDI form ?

24. How many maximum number of controls that we can place on a form with out making a control array ?

25. What are in instancing properties of a Active X Exe & DLL & explain each ?

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