Monday, December 19, 2005

XP Pro wont boot up says pci.sys, XP Pro wont boot up...

A Problem
Some one Asked : XP Pro wont boot up says pci.sys, XP Pro wont boot up... HELPPPPP

I booted up my computer and it says it cant start because the file pci.sys is missing or corrupt, to go to the next screen and press R to repair. So I flash the bios, hoping that will do something, nothing. I go into the bios and change the boot sequence, so I can load the xp cd and repair the problem, nothing, It wont boot from the cdrom. I am going out of my mind, I dont know how to get back into windows or reformat. Please I need help bad. I got a website to finish for my boss and I need my pc.....

Expert says :
Make sure you have a working bootable XP CD.
Then put the CD rom as first boot device in your bios and boot.

The first thing to do is to run a checkdisk.
At the recovery console prompt type: CHKDSK C: /R
(notice that there's a space between K and C : and /).
If you happen to have a spare ram module lying around, try swapping with that.
Also try to remove all peripheral hardware that is not required for basic functionality.

Another Expert : Download a copy of hdd regenerator from the files section. It will make abootable floppy or a bootable cd. boot with it & let it run. If you have bad sectors on the drive this will fix it without damaging your files. It sounds to me like you do have bad sectors & that is why windows won't boot. DO NOT USE CHKDSK. If you do it will mark the sectors as bad & you will have to repartition the drive to get rid of the bad sector markings even if you fix the disk.

One More Solution :
Or when you get to the Windows Xp Setup screen.. and its finished loading all the drivers... ( this is assuming you have a bootable Win XP cd) Press R for repair... then at the promt press 1 if there is no admin password then at the C promt type in-> fixmbr what this does is fixes a corupt boot record.. then type ->exit to get out and reboot

One More Tip :Found this...hope it helps you get running again.

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