Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dog Icon Exe with Random name in Temp Folder

Running window2000 server & Updated Trend Micro In Place

I noticed services having random names like AB4FR1.EXE in the taskbar.
In WINNT\Tmp I m having file names like ~DF1101.tmp along with the random filename AB4FR1.EXE

If I kill the services i can delete the AB4FR1.EXE and ~DF1101.tmp but obviously it recreates itself on next boot with another name..

The random.exe file has always a dog icon.

Looks like using Process Explorer, found that Trend Micro antivirus program created those files. Process Explorer can help you do that.

than called TrendMicro Guys.

They confirm that the random.exe files visible in c:\windosws\temp are created by their antiviruses watchdod. The reason of the dog icon.

problem is solved because there were no problems :)

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Daniel said...

THANKS!!! Very helpful information, that process really was giving me creeps (And the Help Desk area was really pissed off that there wasn't any warning from Trend Micro) have a nice day

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