Monday, March 03, 2008

Bird eye Review: PrepKit for: 70-529 (C#)

One complete Solution to Study & Pass Microsoft Certification Exam
TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Distributed Application Development

Exam Number: 70-529 (C#)

Link of Product:

I have been interested in Microsoft Certifications right from beginning of my career. Recently I came across a study guide / preparation kit from I used full version of the product for Exam Number: 70-529 (C#)

Certainly it is a must util if you want to pass the exam with guaranty.

Microsoft exams are usually based on vast syllabus & it is very difficult to study complete MSDN of 900 pages books & remember those things.
But using such exam preparation kit you can acquire the same knowledge & success with short period of time.

I used this product to know its all feature & usefulness for the exam.

Below is the list of features they provide.
4 full length realistic tests
Learn & Test
300 challenging and realistic practice exam questions
Support for all question types
Simulation Questions
Detailed explanations
References for further study
127 Quiz Questions
162 detailed study notes, articles, exam tips, and how-to
Reports and analysis tools
Customizable exam
Book mark and annotate study material
Random question sequence & answer choices
Rating and Feedback
Customizable Interface
PrepKit Updates
24x7 Technical Support

The most interesting portion for this Kit for me is Study notes.
It is a beautiful collection of Small & useful notes that every developer should know.
They are very obvious question that every developer comes across while studying & his job / projects; Kit answers these questions in short & easy to understand language.
They cover notes from very simple questions like what is XML schema to catchy Q’s like what is singleton activation mode?

When you finish all your study with study Tips, Notes, flash cards & articles you can test your self with four full length tests & check your readiness for actual exam.

These exams actually simulate the real exams. If you are giving Microsoft certification exam first time with this test you should become aware of parametric exam software & be cognisant of exam.

This Kit costs around USD $59.99. This Kit is also available in Indian currency to a very economical cost of INR 1799.10.

I recommend this kit to every one who is going to appear for MS certification exam as well as learn C# for distributed applications in very short time span.

I am writing this quick review (So called Bird eye reviewJ) now. But I am going to use this product for in depth study. You should expect more details about this product on this blog in near future.
Keep reading.

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